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How do I pass a user defined function to a class and call it from there?

Aug 25th, 2003 19:16
Perry Keller, dingy,

Passing a function to a function is commonly needed for traversing a 
list or a tree. In this example, I have a class Tree that has a member 
function breadthFirstTravese as follows:
class Tree{
  var $name // string
  var $children // array of Tree
  function breadthFirstTraverse($visit){
    if ($this->children != NULL)
      foreach ($this->children as $value)
somewhere else you define the specific function to perform on each node 
for example to print a directory like structure:
function Visit($node){
  $tabstr = "";
  for ($i=0; $i < $node->level; $i++) $tabstr .= "   ";
  echo "$tabstr $node->name<br />";
function Visit2($node){
  // some other process
then you can pass the function like this:
$t = new Tree($foo) // whatever variables you need
$func = "Visit";
$func = "Visit2";