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How to run an exe file from the aps page, that is this should execute an application
I tried this script to run .exe file on the server side. But the exe file did not run. What should I
I tried this script to run exe file on the server side.But the exe file didn't run.What should I do?
what is %compspec%

Sep 4th, 2002 13:59
Robin Paardekam, MRN Murthy, Angelo Santos, Muruganandham K, http://www.paardekam.nl

Not very clear what you exactly want to do. If you want to execute an 
executable file on the CLIENT side (machine of the visitor): impossible 
by using ASP.
But if you mean that you want to execute a file on the webserver, than 
take a look at the following code. This will do I guess. 
Set server_shell = Server.CreateObject("wscript.shell")
server_shell.Run "%comspec% /c FILENAME.EXE"
As you might guessed: replace FILENAME.EXE with the file you wish to 
Good luck, hope this helps.
Robin Paardekam

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