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I've added auto. vhosts and they work, but i've got 1 small anoying problem

Dec 28th, 2002 03:24
justin hersh, Mark Jonkers,

I've added the following automatic vhosts: /wwwroot/%1 and they work 
quite fine, like: http://www.my.domain.com takes me to 
the /wwwroot/www dir and http://shop.my.domain takes me to 
the /wwwroot/shop dir...
But going to http://my.domain.com (when %1 = nothing) gives me an 
errorpage (404)... i've 
tried placing a index.php file in /wwwroot but it didn't work...
Is there anyone else who had this problem and solved it? I'd 
appreciate it if you shared your knowledge =)
Mark Jonkers
I recommend to use /%-3 
I use in my httpd.conf /home/vhost/%-1/%-2/%-3
and I have /home/vhost/com/domain/my , www also work