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ERROR 2003: can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061

Apr 25th, 2009 14:51
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well, goto mysql folder
goto 'bin' folder in mysql folder
run winmysqladmin.exe
and a thing popup and after few second it goes off well dont be scared 
u see the traffic thingy below (located in the bottom-right toolbar of 
well, right click that and click "Show Me"
u'll see some thingys
Below u see one picture "Power by Mysql" and below is Stop Extended 
Server Status 
click that
then click on Hide me
and when u see that traffic below again
right click and if u see a "Win 9x" or "Win NT" and when u mouseover 
and 3 options came out "ShutDown this tool","shutdown 
both" click on Shutdown tool ONLY and try if it can works
this is wat i did to make the mysql works, if there is problem just 
here... [email protected]
I am running mysql on windows XP and fixed this error by going into 
c:\mysql\bin and right clicking the "mysqld" file and choosing run as. 
Choose  the first option (current user etc..) and hit ok.
That did it for me, i hope it helps you. Let me know
[email protected]
I had similar problem.  I used wrong syntax in the my.ini file.  
Type "mysqld --help" at the command window to identify the offending 
I had a similar problem, and was it bugging me!
I am running WdozeXP
[In case if any1 is in the same situation... here's a long reply]
One of the ways to see if mysql's running is to view the processes 
(press ctrl+alt+del, and click on the processes tab). 
From this saw that mysqld.exe was not running when called from command 
line, and as a result when I typed "mysql" it gave the above error.
Kamal's advise worked for me. But now "Net Start Mysql" was not 
working, and typing mysqld did start the program although  the command 
line would not appear after that, DOS wasn't putting it as a 
process ... 
I had to open another DOS-window to get the command-line, and 
run "mysql" from there.
So once again... tried Mysqld --install
                       mysqld --install-manual [my choice]
                    Net Start works fine now...
                    and so does mysql
Hope this helps any newbies like myself.
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I was also having this error, but non of the fixes listed above worked.
What I had to do was use named-pipe. See for all the info.
I had to use mysqld-nt --enable-named-pipe . The the DOS window 
stalled, so I killed it, then opened another and typed mysql, and I 
WHY?????????????? What is wrong with my Win2k box that MySQL won't use 
TCP\IP?? Please help!
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If all else fails...
(for local development) 
WinXP + php + mysql; 
couldnt make it work with TCP/IP, but in the end i got the named pipes 
thing to work (funny how i couldnt find anything on how to set up/use 
named pipes with microsoft...)
in my.ini:
bind-address=localhost #NOT !!
add option "enable-named-pipe"
in php.ini:
.php connect file:
mysql_connect("", "<usr>", "<pwd>");
think thats what i had to php manual on mysql connect to 
figure it out, but still it took me 10h, and i really dont want anyone 
else to go through sth similar :-)
Solution for WINXP !!!
The files are in the wrong place, at least with my example.
Had an old version of MYSQL.
Instruction below.(NZ)
I had this problem, and this what helped me.....
I have Winxp.....
I removed the previous service, because I had an earlier version....
/bin/mysqld-nt /remove
Then I installed the service
/bin/mysqld-nt /install
Then I edited the my.ini file, by opening winMysqladmin
That command having opened the program...then you should
then select 4th tab, which is the my.ini file
You then edit the file to reflect where you had the files of MYSQL...
as the MY.ini said I had it under c:\mysql ....and I had it under 
another folder altogeather....
For simplicity sake, I just copied the files from my current folder to 
the specified by my.ini
This got me the access I wanted....
Very happy...
Hope this helps....
Regards Justin(James)HORT
From New Zealand, Palmy
I tried all of the above to no avail - running WinXP, MySQL 4.0.18
I did find that if i edited my.ini by removing the #'s from the bind-
address= and port=3306 I could a) telnet port 3306 and more 
importantly I could b) see my databases and tables through 
WinMySQLadmin. Phew - it looks like no corrupt DB's!!
Then I refered back to Michael Kolflers book - the Definitive Guide to 
MySQL, as I remember reading that it was poss to reset the root 
password if you had forgotton it (i hadn't forgotten, it but i may as 
well have!). This procedure worked fine:
******note that your db is vunerable whilst you are resetting the root 
Stop any existing mysqld process from Control Panel / Services
At a command prompt type" mysqld --skip-grant-tables
Open a new command prompt and type (responses are listed too):
>mysql -u -root
Welcome to the MySQL monitor.
mysql> USE mysql;
Database Changed
mysql> UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD('new password')
     > WHERE user='root' AND host='localhost';
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)
<!-- you can repeat the above replacing localhost with computername 
but this didn't alter any rows for me -->
mysql> exit
<!-- Close the mysqld --skip-grant-tables window and in the remaining 
window type:
> mysqladmin shutdown
Then restart the service from Services and login with your brand new