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How can I get from a Daughter Window to call a Parent windows Javascript function?

Sep 17th, 2004 13:39
Daniel LaLiberte, Jean-Bernard Valentaten, David Valbuena,

Depends on what is meant by "daughter" and "parent" windows.   There 
are two possibilities.
1. For a frameset containing frames or any window containing iframes, a 
lower level frame can access its parent window via window.parent. So 
Referencing a parent window's function from a child would look like 
2. Every window (except modal dialogs) has a property called opener, 
through which you can access the window that opened it, if any.  This 
opener is not really a "parent", however, in the same sense as the 
nested frames have a parent.  Referencing an opener window's function 
from a child would look like this:
Once you have a window object, you can also access the window's global 
variables, DOM content etc the same way.