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can serverside VbScript used in HTML pages? i dont want to have asp extension. I want HTML extension

Mar 22nd, 2004 23:18
Jason Benson, amer ch,

Yes actually you can, however it requires tweaking the IIS settings on 
your msBased web server.
It's really not a good idea to try this as doing it improperly will 
expose the source of your HTML/ASP files.  This is unlikely something 
that your webhosting provider would condone or participate in as it's 
possible that there are other security holes in the method.
Depending on how the server is setup you can use SSI includes in HTML 
(would appear as: <!--#include virtual="YourFile.asp" -->   )
However even that is limited in some hosts to just .shtml files and 
other extensions (asp/jsp etc).
Depending on the complexity of your web application you can get around 
this by building and cacheing your .html files on the fly, generated by 
ASP pages.  However building an application like that from scratch is 
time consuming.

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