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How should I configure my PWS (and/or php.ini) to see PHP-results in my browser?

Mar 19th, 2008 22:04
ha mo, Rob De Marco, Hans Tieben,

My problem was that I missed the semicolon at the beginning of 
the 'cgi.force_redirect' entry in the php.ini file while setting its 
entry from 1 to 0 (you need to set it to '0' to work with PWS). By 
missing the (;), the line was always parsed as a comment and as such 
ignored by php and the default of '1' was used instead. Once I removed 
the comment everything worked fine.
Thanks to 
cassidydr at cox dot net who wrote the following user-comment on php.net
on 04-Nov-2002 06:07 and which made me realise my mistake.
"For beginners, the easiest way to start to learn PHP is with Xitami 
Webserver and PHP Windows Installer for PHP. Just download and install 
both. If you get a  page that says it has been compiled with 
force_redirect enabled, simply open your php.ini file found in the 
windows directory aqnd fine the line that says: " ; 
cgi.force_redirect=1 ". Simply remove the semi-colon to uncomment it 
and change the number 1 to 0. Try it again. It should work fine. ;) 
Good luck!"