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Outlook Express is sending mails to qmail server but not able to recieve mails

Mar 2nd, 2004 09:37
Jonathan de Boyne Pollard, fire snake, Ragi Sreekanth, http://inter7.com./vpopmail.html

There are two protocols for receiving mail in the world of 
SMTP-based Internet mail: POP3 and IMAP.  Microsoft Outlook can 
be both a POP3 client and an IMAP client. 
"qmail" comprises (amongst other things) both an SMTP Relay 
server and a POP3 server.  (There are also third-party POP3 
servers that one can use with "qmail", such as "vpopmail".)  
However you actually _have to set the servers up_.  If you 
don't set up a POP3 server, your MUA won't be able to receive 
mail using POP3.
"qmail" doesn't comprise an IMAP server.  If you want an IMAP 
server, you must use an IMAP server software package in 
conjunction with "qmail".
By the way: If you are thinking that Outlook Express is unable 
to receive mail because it is displaying an "Your server has 
unexpectedly terminated the connection." message, please note 
that this message is a lie.  There is another answer in this 
folder that deals specifically with this Outlook Express lie.