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I need javascript code about security on session layer on Network(OSI) .can u help me?

Apr 7th, 2008 23:06
ha mo, Colin Fraser, setare mahdavi,

This question is more than a little vague, but to be fair, there is not
a lot of text space to write a convoluted question. Be that as it may, I
will answer the question I read, and take the chance that this is what
you are asking about. 
Javascript comes in two versions, client side, or server side.
Javascript is useful for many purposes client side, however, it has a
somewhat limited use server side. (I may be being a little harsh on
Javascript, but for server side scripting, I cannot go past PHP.) I
suggest you may have more luck using something other than Javascript to
open and conduct sessions, set security params and so on.  
The OSI is a "model" that offers a theoretical construct of a network
and its operations. While it offers real information on what is actually
happening inside a network, it is, of itself, more of a descriptive tool
that describes what is happening. You may need to look at something like
C++ to get into the Session layer.