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How do I create hyperlinks on an image based on an array in Netscape 6+?

Apr 7th, 2008 23:10
ha mo, Colin Fraser, David Mitchel,

The question is somewhat vague, so I will try and reply as best I can. 
There are a number of methods you can use to sort this issue out but I 
suspect the best is to use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro 6 or better to 
slice the image up and make each slice a link. If you want to make it 
dynamic then place the image slices into an array, and as it loads 
randomise the subsequent links. 
In any case, there is a lot of coding, even using as much code 
optimizing as you can, far too much to put here, or to spend too much 
time on. 
I would suggest that you may want look at your design to see if you can 
do something different. You may want to send the array values to global 
variables and assign those variables to hotspots in the image. The code 
is smaller, ergo, less prone to error. 
I do come from a view that minimalism in scripting is extremely 
important, however. Keep it simple to maintain the cross platform 
portability of HTML and javascript.