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How to retrieve information from one form and read it in another asp form or a pop up window ?

Dec 4th, 2002 19:16
Ryan Buterbaugh, Padmaja Tallavajhala,

I think that the basic goal here is to transfer information from one 
page to another.  There are (at least) two ways to do it.  First, you 
can use an HTTP cookie.  Since Javascript can set cookies, you set the 
cookie on the submission of the form, then read the cookie on the next 
page.  The other option is to use a METHOD=GET and parse the 
out of the query string.  This method is more reliable, as a slighty 
paranoid user does not allow cookies.  So find a script that will 
query input, or write one that does.  Either that, or write some 
cookies.  If you don't know where to find some cookie code examples, 
the time this is being written, June 1 2000, AOL has those goofy 
but it sets a cookie to make sure you don't get them very often.  
the source code of http://www.aol.com/ to figure out how to write some 
cookie code.