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How do I pass a JavaScript variable to a XSL-for-each statement

Apr 7th, 2008 23:20
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Chris Cooper,

As far as I am aware, using variables is restricted to the language that
creates them. However, there are workarounds that are far too detailed
to describe here. 
In a general sense, variables that can be created, given a value and
written in one language, like PHP, can be saved to a text file, then the
value can be picked up in another language that can read that text file.
That is one way. 
Javascript can be used to set cookies, which can contain a very limited
amount of data. The cookie can be picked up and read by another
language,  and the common data used. However, in any case, be wary of
the structure of the cookie, make sure you are getting what you need
placed into the cookie and then extracted from the cookie.          
Good luck.