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Linux: Ftp: How to transfer files from Microsoft Windows to Linux, using ftp? [VMWare]

Sep 18th, 2003 10:43
Knud van Eeden,

--- Knud van Eeden - Sunday 10 August 2003 - 07:47 pm ----------------
Steps: Overview:
 1. -Check the connection
      ping <IP address of the remote ftp server>
       e.g. ping
    If you get a valid reply:
 2. -type the command
      ftp <IP address of the remote ftp server>
       e.g. ping
 3. -give a username (e.g. 'anonymous')
     and password
 4. -type dir to see what is on the remote computer
 5. -if transferring from Windows to Linux, you must
     type the filenames with escape character before
     the backslash.
      e.g. in Linux type:
       get \\temp\\ddd\\myfilename.exe
      to download the file
Trouble shooting:
What if you try to send files from your Linux operating system to
Microsoft Windows XP, and you get the message: 'Access is denied'
a solution is to rename the file such that it does not contain a dot.
rn ddd.ddd ddd
and then send the file 'ddd' instead.
The cause of this is some incompatibility in file systems.
In Linux, type
 ftp <IP address of your Microsoft Windows XP computer>
for example:
 then logon anonymous
then send e.g. this example file 'ddd.ddd' (or another existing
file containing a '.' in the name) via ftp:
 send ddd.ddd
You will get the response:
 local: ddd.ddd remote: ddd.ddd
 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,3,14,51).
 550 ddd.ddd: Access is denied.
Note: This ftp sending and receiving via ftp between Linux
(e.g. Red Hat v9.0) and Microsoft Windows XP has been tested and worked
Internet: see also: