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How can I create a sub-folder?
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Dec 7th, 2000 01:37
unknown unknown, Pedrum Mohageri, Godavarthy Sunil,

Click on the 'Manage Folder' link which can be found between 'Add 
Folder Alert' - and - 'Manage Links', across from the 'Folders' heading.
Creating a new sub-folder is done by putting the name of the new 
sub-folder in the text box below the heading Create New Sub-folder: and 
clicking on "Save". A page will load titled 'Confirm Changes' in order 
that you can verify that you do want to create a new sub-folder with 
the name that you have just entered with the path it will fit into in 
the hierarchy. If you are happy with the name and the path hit the 
"Save" button. You'll be taken to a page that lets you know the changes 
are being made, a link back to the folder you started in and also a list 
of the people that have folder alerts on that folder. Please don't 
hesitate to add new folders for content. One of the most important 
aspects of a knowledge base is sensible layout for content.