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What are the scopes for education in Rajasthan India?
Education in Jaipur?
Education in India?
where is deaf school in jaipur rajasthan

Jul 26th, 2009 22:57
manoj55 kumar, chat alarab, vijay y, sayal khan, Fasee Uddin, ha mo, Harsh, unknown unknown, Mr Son,

Education in Jaipur is now at the international standard, students has 
many options, few of them available at here 221 career options I saw.
Jaipur is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of
India, especially at first glance. It is known as the Pink City because
of the breathtaking pink stucco facades of its buildings. This color 
chosen because the builders of the town wanted to emulate the famous 
sandstone buildings associated with the Mughal Empire. Over time, of
course, the colors began to fade, but much of the city was repainted in
1876 when the Prince of Wales visited. Today's tourists, both royals 
commoners, are simply stunned by the colorful architecture that is the
hallmark of this City.
Modern-day Jaipur is a bustling city that manages to balance its past
and the needs of maintaining its heritage with the demands of a
modern-day industrial center. Also, with a population of nearly 3
million people, it should come as no surprise that it is also home to a
fine university, the University of Rajasthan, which consists of 6
constituent colleges, 11 recognised research centres, 37 Post Graduate
departments and 305 affiliated colleges. The University offers 37 Ph.D
programs, 20 M.Phil courses, 48 Master's degree courses and 14 Bachelor
degree courses"  Students from all over India, therefore, are drawn to
Jaipur for their higher education. And because of this, international
students, whether enrolling directly in the University of Rajasthan or
studying in Jaipur through one of the many semester or year abroad
programs administered by American colleges and universities, are
Education In Jaipur :
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