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Is it necessary for me to logout of FAQTs?

Nov 23rd, 2007 05:46
Harsh, unknown unknown, Henrik Hansen, Nathan Wallace, http://jaipurtravelsguide.blogspot.com

Under most circumstances it is not necessary to log out of faqts.  
But it would be better to leave faqts after you logout from your
account, so that none of the other people can use your account for
submitting the answers and questions from your account. We would only
recommend you doing it if you are sharing your computer with other
people, like a school account or the like.
To logout of faqts click on the 'My Faqts' link at the top of the page 
and then click on the 'logout' link.  By clicking on this link you are 
automatically logged off the site. This means that we have removed any 
cookies from your machine. In theory that should protect you from 
someone coming along and using your account. We leave a cookie on your 
machine identifying you if you don't log out, that means that next time 
you come to FAQTS you won't have to bother logging in.
For further more details you can visit on the following links :