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I can't find Internet Services Manager, pls help!! I use Windows XP Home Edit.

Jul 21st, 2005 17:10
Eric Hochman, Paul Anderson, Alex Rich, Tom Suen, Microsoft renames "Internet Services Manager" as "Internet Information Services" in Windows XP. Microsoft loves to confuse and make life difficult for us.

First off, have you installed IIS on your machine?
If not,(WINXP) go to Start, and Choose 'Control Panel'.
Once The control panel is up, find 'Add/Remove Programs'.
Select the Windows tab.
Find IIS and select it for install. You may need your WINXP disk.
Once you have installed IIS, go back to Start, and open the control 
panel again if you had closed it.
Now, look for Administrative Tools.
Once that panel opens, you'll find the tools you are looking for.
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Separate member add-on:
Don't overlook the finer print higher up, the point about Microsoft's 
failure to update their documentation webpages with their own 
terminology -- that's the more memorable point. With this sea of terms 
that are nearly alike, and over half of which 
use "control," "services," and "manager," it prompts more than