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error 1067 the process terminated unexpectedly when you try to start mysql service on nt40 server

Jun 25th, 2006 02:10
Alexandru Mihai, Jon Nylander Jon Nylander, Cool Surfer, Walter Mulder, Alex Fruto, http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q;=mysql+error+1067

On a Windows Server with mySQL 5.0.18.
This problem appears after reinstalling mySQL using the installer.
Even after removing mySQL via the Add/Remove Programs interface, some 
files persist. For example c:/Program Files/mySQL/mysql 5 etc etc/.
Remove those files (after backing them up of course). Then procede with 
If you still have problems, start the mySQL server instance config 
wizard and remove the installation. Then remove MySQL via the 
Add/remove Programs interface and repeat the deletion of files 
described above. Restart the computer -> Install again.
If you still have problems such as "Could not start service", try 
naming the service otherwise eg MYSQL5 (not MYSQL) when installing.
Another site that might help solve your problem is:
(mind the linebreak in the url above, you need to paste them together 
in your browser address field)
Jon Nylander
On older versions the following could be relevant:
I believe this error occures when mysql is installed in an other 
directory as c:\mysql. You should edit the my-example.cnf file and 
change the paths to where you placed the mysql files. Then save 
this file in c:\ .
open my-example.cnf in notepad or similar text editor, don't forget to 
un remark the lines which you edit, and after that run the following at 
command promptnet start mysql
and all should be fine :) 
Another thing that helped was, 
I uninstalled apache server installed on IIS, as it was in
conflict with the mysql sub directory. Mysql was installed in
then remove the service from system tray
type at dos prompt net start mysql > 
you will get a message service started successfully.
Then type winmysqladmin > the graphical interphase will open
with "green light". Then on you can work on IIS with mysql and php.
Dr Robert James
www.jamesmedline.com ; www.onlinemedicalforum.com/forum
[email protected]
It seems that this error is about a wrong configuration of my.ini file.
You should try to change the my.ini file with another from the mysql
install directory. I've changed with my-small.ini and it work. Of corse
you need to delete the old my.ini and then rename my-small.ini as my.ini
and copy into C:\Windows directory. If you have set the path variable to
the mysql install directory you don't need to copy my.ini in C:\Windows
Alexandru Mihai
[email protected]