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VMWare v4 for Windows workstation: How install Microsoft Windows 98? [Missing operating system]

Nov 13th, 2003 05:30
Knud van Eeden,

--- Knud van Eeden --- 13 November 2003 - 02:22 pm -------------------
VMWare v4 for Windows workstation: How install Microsoft Windows 98? 
[Missing operating system]
When installing an upgrade of Microsoft Windows 98/ME, error 'Missing
operating system'
This because the harddisk c: is still not formatted, or
no bootable CD can be found.
The problem is that you can not boot from floppy disk, using my
computer at the moment.
The default boot order is:
1. floppy disk
2. harddisk (still not formatted)
-change the boot order, and install from the full version.
Steps: Overview:
 1. -Remove the CD from the computer
 2. -Make sure your VMWare window has focus (by putting the mouse
     cursor on the VMWare window, and pressing <ENTER> or similar)
 3. -While VMWare starts, keep <F2> pressed for the boot menu
 4. -Goto the boot order
 5. -Use numeric '+' (=<FN><+>) to move the CDROM to the top
     of the boot list
 6. -Put your boot CDROM inside (choose option 2. 'CD ROM support')
 7. -Fdisk the harddisk (press <ENTER> while accepting all the 
 8. -Restart and format the harddisk (type
      format c:
     on the command line)
 9. -Restart,
     1. remove the boot CD,
     2. change to disk c:,
     3. insert the Windows98/ME CD,
     4. disconnect and connect the CD, in order to activate it again
     5. and run the install.exe from the Windows98/ME CD
-> the problem is that it then says:
  'this program requires Microsoft Windows'
  when using the French Windows98/ME CD.
So it looks like a solution is to first install a Windows95
(English or French), then do the installation from there.
10. I then inserted the Windows98/ME English version, ran
    setup.exe, then inserted the French CD.
    But that hang the installation.
11. I then copied the complete VMWare English Windows98/ME version to 
    French version, and ran the installation from this English
    operating system in VM.
    (file->'Open'->'Windows SE French')
    You will have to change and save:
      displayName = "Windows 98/ME SE - French"
    in the file:
     'Windows 98/ME SE - French.vmx'
    or else it does not add it to VMWare, as it exists already
12. Then start the English version, and type in an MSDOS box:
    that will start installing the French Windows98/ME
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