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How to attach a file to a mail with sendmai or other ?
Besides using a module eg. Mail::Sender, can I use the server's sendmail program to attach files? An

Jun 16th, 2000 07:49
Marco Steinacher, Kirederf, Nazar Wahab,

You can do this with the Module Mail::Sender.
You can get the Module Mail::Sender at CPAN (see sources), if it isn't 
installed on your system yet.
You can view the documenation with "perldoc Mail::Sender".
# This example will send the file "/tmp/somefile.vbs" to 
# [email protected] and a copy to [email protected] and
# [email protected] with the subject "A file for my friends"
# and the message-body "Hello friends.\n\nPlease open this file.\n",
# using the SMTP-Host and the From-Adress
# '[email protected] (WebSource - Sales)'.
use Mail::Sender;
# Prepare Mailer
$sender = new Mail::Sender
	{smtp => '', from => '[email protected] 
(WebSource - Sales)'};
$err = $Mail::Sender::Error;
if ($err) die $err; # Terminate on error.
# Prepare message
$sendto="[email protected]";
$copys="[email protected],[email protected]";
$subject="A file for my friends";
$message="Hello friends.\n\nPlease open this file\n";
# Send the mail
$sender->MailFile({to => $sendto,
		cc => $copys,
		subject => $subject,
		msg => $message,
		file => $file});
$err = $Mail::Sender::Error;
if ($err) die $err; # Terminate on error.