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permission denied while parent window reloading from child window

Apr 7th, 2008 23:38
ha mo, Abolfazl Shirazi, Manish Mishra,

Abolfazl Shirazi:
I tested your problem on my personal computer, but I didn't see any 
Script Error. Everything is OK when I reload parent window from child 
I don't know what do you exactly mean.
Try these two HTML files in a directory:
parent.htm :
<p><a href="child.htm" target="_blank">Open Child Window</a></p>
child.htm :
<button onclick="window.opener.">Refresh 
You can easily reload parent window from child window with this simple 
I guess that you reload your parent window from your child window, 
after closing parent window, therfore you see this script error.
If you open your child window then close parent window and after that 
try to reload parent window from child window, you will see this 
script error (Permission Denied). It is Probably why you see this 
Good Luck!