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Database: Microsoft: SQL server: Install: How install Microsoft SQL server v2000?

Dec 7th, 2003 15:34
Knud van Eeden,

--- Knud van Eeden --- 07 December 2003 - 10:55 pm -------------------
Database: Microsoft: SQL server: Install: How install Microsoft SQL 
server v2000?
Steps: Overview:
 1. -I used the evaluation version Microsoft SQL server v2000
 2. -To unzip the installation program, run the program
 3. -This will open a window 'Installation folder'
 4. -Accept the default
     or browse to another folder
 5. -click button 'Finish'
 6. -Possibly let this folder be created
 7. -You will see now
      Reading package...
 8. -When finished you will see a message box
     'PackageForTheWeb', showing:
     'The package has been delivered successfully'
 9. -You can then e.g. start the setup program by
     typing in a run or msdos box:
10. -That will launch the setup program
11. -You will for a (very long) while not see anything happening,
     but the setup program is running in the background.
12. -Then you will see a windows showing
     'Welcome to the Microsoft SQL server installation wizard'
13. -Choose which computer to install to (local or remote).
     I chose 'local'
14. -I chose 'install a new instance'
15. -Supply name + company
16. -Possibly accept the conditions
17. -Accepted default 'Client and server tools'
18. -Accepted 'Default' checked
19. -Accepted 'Typical' installation
20. -I chose 'local account'
21. -I chose 'Windows authentication'
22. -The installation starts...
23. -You will see:
      Microsoft is installing Microsoft Data Access Components...
24. -click button 'Finish' after a while
25. -If you then browse in 'Start'->'All programs', you can
     then e.g. send 'Enterprise manager' to the desktop as
     a shortcut. Clicking on it will start the main module
     in Microsoft SQL Server.
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version of Microsoft SQL server v2000?