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Discuss the problems that may occur when creating an ER model?

Apr 28th, 2009 03:12
jijei jdidke, dman, Deepak Bansal, Rachit Bagda, Milan KM,

A. Perception by the barrens in the organization that the MIS  design 
is a menace conflicting interest to prevent the success.
B. A grant design for creation of an impressive system that can be a 
pinata for all information problems.
C. Fragmented plans by non-communicating and eventually response 
D. Apathy by most people to implementation of the new system.
E. Casual approach to data standards and documentation.
F. Confused thinking. While designing an ER model for a corporate 
system, naturally there must be numbers of developers or designers. 
Although there must be a commanding person, but confused or different 
thinking must come up.
G. Indifference of the central system and proliferation of 
incompatible system.
H. Inadequate computing power, incorrect assignment of throughput and 
assigned time and failure to monitor usage and performance.
I. When it is concerned to implement a new situation, every diagram 
has to be rewritten completely. As it is often felt that to update an 
old ER model for a new changed system is quite difficult assignment.