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what is best for web development?1)Python and cgi2)WebWare3)PSPor others

Jan 11th, 2004 22:26
Khurram Ijaz, ketul patel, http://www.renai-soft.com

I have been using python for web development for over an year. My web 
development experience is more than 7 years. I have used PERL, Java, 
php, asp, .net etc. Almost all of the popular tools. But Python is the 
best of all for rapid development and for even very large projects.
But all the tools required for developing web apps in python using cgi 
or apache are not available in one place. Most of the tools require 
changes in the server , which most hosting companies dont like.
The combination of tools that I have used is
1. PSO( Python Service Object) available on sourceforge.net for session 
handling and request specific features.
2. Cheetah also on sourceforge.net for templating.
3. MySQLdb for database access. Will require to be installed on the 
server, but most of the hosting services have it already installed, or 
will install without any problem.
These tools are enough for developing 90% of the web based solutions 
for which php can be used. 
If you want better performance like mod_perl or servlets, use 
mod_python. Your scripts will not require  many changes for conversion 
from cgi to mod_python. Plesk Server Solutions have supported 
mod_python applications for a long time. Most of the hosting companies 
use this software for administration. If you need specialized python 
hosting, do contact me.