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how to send e-mail with attachment

May 5th, 2008 02:58
Vishal Sharma, face hunt, Your Guides, Serg S, Melisa Pineda,

1.   Go to your e-mail program.  
2.   Click the New Mail, Write Message or similar button, depending on 
your application to create a new e-mail message.  
3.   Enter the address of the recipient in the To field.  
4.   Type a subject in the Subject field.  
5.   Add a message to the body of the e-mail as usual.  
6.   Click the Attachments button. Many programs have an icon of a 
paperclip for it. Also look for an Insert File or Insert Attachment 
option in the File menu.  
7.   Browse your files to find the attachment you want to send. You 
may need to click on a Browse or Find button to see your directory.  
8.   Click on the filename. If your program allows you to attach more 
than one file at once, hold down the Control key (or Shift key on a 
Mac) as you select another one.  
9.   Click the Attach Insert or Open button, depending on your e-mail 
10.   To send another file from a different location, click the 
Attachments but-ton again and repeat the steps.  
11.   Click the Send button when you're done. 
choose attach files then browse your computer and choose the file you