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What should be the right way to manage human resource

Mar 2nd, 2004 20:29

humphrey mutaasa

The best way to manage human resource is to meet their needs according 
to their priority triangle as this will motivate them more than what 
the company policy would be.
Secondly; Giving the a consideration that meets the effort they put in 
behind the scene in delivering in the open. this consideration might be 
a hand shake (for very scarce bosses) or a walk around with hands held 
with the boss or sometimes increments in salaries or sudden bonuses or 
paid leaves that are not expected by employees.
Thirdly; Having involment management; where I mean you will involve 
representatives of employees in the decision making of the company 
though the management will be wise not to allow their aggitation 
override the canons of operations of the organisation.

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