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How can I find a good list of web hosting companies that support python?

Aug 10th, 2005 18:58
extras, Alder Rus, Khurram Ijaz, Larry Suns, Michael Chermside, unknown unknown, http://www.directoryonclick.com , http://www.singapore-yellow-pages.com

The authoritative list of sites for hosting Python is maintined on the
main Python website:
In addition to that, there are a few folks who wrote particular
recommendations of their own into this answer:
http://www.vex.net/ fully supports Python.  It is what we use for our
billing system, the owner (me) is the current maintainer for PyGreSQL
and the Vaults of Parnassus are served from here so you can be sure
that it's an integral part of our system and will continue to be
maintained and updated..
We support python and use it for all our inhouse code.  
There is also a list of free Python (and Zope) hosting providers 
aavailable at http://www.oinko.net/freepython
We too support python and use it for all our inhouse code.  
Although PowWeb.com (faqts owner) currently does not carry Python,
you can install Python 2.4 very easily.
One click automatic instllation script is available, here.