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How can I customize confirm buttons in javascript

Apr 7th, 2008 23:50
ha mo, Colin Fraser, phani priya,

What do you mean by "confirm" buttons? I am going to assume that you 
mean buttons in general that you can use to make sure that users verfy 
the information they have put into a form, before submission. 
This is a simple question, with a simple answer. If you use an alert 
dialog to present the information in a format that the user can read 
then press OK to verify the information then no you cannot.
However, if you have a popup that presents information in a small 
window with a self made button on it, then you can do anything you like 
with it. The only issue is that if you make a popup, then there is no 
guarrantee that the popup will appear if the user has a popup killer. 
Although it is still worth a try.