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How to connect hosting with domain name ?

Jul 5th, 2008 02:46
Taksh Verdhan, dman, Ansheel Khandelwal, Philip Olson, Deepak Bansal,

Your domain register will tell you how to do this, it depends on them.  
But typically they provide you with a username/password that allows you 
to login to a control panel and change information, information such as 
your name, phone number, email, DNS servers, etc.  The DNS servers is 
what "connects hosting with the domain name" and your web host will 
most likely provide you with a set of DNS servers, both primary and 
secondary.  Enter these into your domains control panel and you should 
be good to go.  This information takes up to seven days to propogate 
throughout the web.
In short: Ask your web host what to do as it varies greatly.