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How do I perform a keyword search through text stored in BLOBs?

May 19th, 2000 04:32
Paul Kenneth Egell-Johnsen, Jeff Liu, Onno Benschop, http://www.mysql.com/php/manual.php3?section=Regexp

First we have to know what kind of RDBS your using. If you are using
mysql the short answer is that you can probably do a regular expression
search in the BLOB. Remember that data in a BLOB is searched case
sensitively, while text in a  TINYTEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT and LONGTEXT
(the corresponding text types to the BLOB types) are case insensitive.
(I haven't tested regexp's in MySQL).
I know that Oracle systems allows searches in the BLOBs.
If you are using a RDBS which doesn't support regexps in the BLOBs then
I suggest that you create your own system, probably by storing the
objects in some kind of a file and searching that file.