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how to disable entire table row dinamically

Apr 7th, 2008 23:57
ha mo, Colin Fraser, MuneeswarReddy,

The question does not make a lot of sense, unfortunately. If you want 
to remove a row or column dynamically, it wont work for most browsers 
earlier than v5.5 for IE and 6 for Netscape. Mozilla should be OK as 
should later versions of Opera. I have no idea about Linux browsers but 
I suspect that earlier vesions of them will run into a problem with 
dynamic tables. 
This question has been asked in different formats for a while, but 
never quite like this. If you go to the Tables section of this FAQTS 
you will find several questions that may help you find an answer. 
You can set tables up to refresh and rewrite themselves, change and 
manipulate data in anyway you want. However, there are some stringent 
rules and if it is not done properly then either the table will not 
work or the information presented will be so scrambled as to be 
meaningless. The process is complex and demanding.
As a devout minimalist, I have always suggested that Murphy's law 
should be applied to all web pages, all scripts, programs and 
everything else with computers, so keep it clean, keep it simple and 
keep it user friendly. The more you put into a page, the more can go 
wrong, and it will. 
But don't let anything I say keep you from doing anything you want, it 
is the users who should be doing that.