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1st selectbox restrict 2nd selectbox then show the 2nd selection's table field(mysql) to input box ?

Apr 7th, 2008 23:59
ha mo, Colin Fraser, mos 9394,

This question is a little confusing, so I will see if I have 
interpreted it appropriately and provide an answer. 
First, you make a selection of a drop down combo-box and that selection 
will determine what appears in a second drop down combo-box. 
If this is correct, then I am pretty sure that this question has been 
answered before. The answer is trivial anyway, it is a matter of 
directing the link to the appropriate list to be written to the combo-
box. If you cannot find the answer to this part directly, then you may 
want to look here:
and this will provide you with an answer, or at least a methodology.
However, it is the last part that makes the whole thing exceedingly 
complex. You are asking Javascript, a client-side technology, to deal 
with information held in a server-side MySql database. It may be done 
with Javascript, but I would suggest you will have much better luck 
with PHP, it is considerably less difficult to deal with information 
management using PHP than Javascript. In fact, I seem to vaguely recall 
trying to access a MySql database with Javascript but could not create 
a handle to achieve that end, but I cannot remember for certain.