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Is it possible to have qmail reply to incoming email for users who are out of the office and store the message until they return?

Nov 12th, 2007 00:15
mark stallon, Rick Widmer, Steve Forbeck,

Yes.  One way is to create a .qmail file for the user that 
sends the incoming message to the user's mailbox/maildir and 
then sends it to a program like autorespond:
You can find a link to the most current version at:
The .qmail file for autorespond might look like:
|/usr/local/bin/autorespond 10000 5 
/home/username/vacation.message /home/username/messagelog/
Note that everything from |/usr   to  messagelog/  is all on 
one line.
Thanks but i am not able to do it is auto mated response