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How can I take a screenshot of the current Frame and send it to the Webserver?

Apr 8th, 2008 17:49
ha mo, b w, Josef Gruber, Colin Fraser,

Javascript is a clientside scripting language that is designed to take 
care of some basic functionality of forms, image handling and a range 
of other browser activities. This sort of graphics control is better 
dealt with using Java, or any number of other server-side applications.
Thanks for the answer.
I think the question was not detailed enough.
I want to take the screenshot from a frame, displayed in the browser at
the client side and send the content of the screenshot  back to the
webserver. This content should be included into a report on the
webserver, which ist send back to the client as a PDF-Document.
The client (human) must use a 3rd party program to make the screenshot
then upload it through some file upload interface (<input type="file">
for example). It's impossible to make a screenshot of currently
rendered/displayed page just using javascript in most browsers. This is
being added as an experimental feature in Firefox 1.5, but still
accessible only from browser level javascript (.xpi browser extensions)
and not from external webpages.