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Database: Internet: Online: Content: Management: Wiki: What is wiki? [history]

Jul 6th, 2008 13:31
Knud van Eeden, dman,

--- Knud van Eeden --- 15 January 2005 - 09:56 pm --------------------
Database: Internet: Online: Content: Management: Wiki: What is wiki? 
Wiki is a technology for the collaborative creation of Internet and
Intranet pages.
It was developed by Ward Cunningham (1949-) in 1995, for the
'Portland Pattern Repository'
"I chose the word 'wiki' knowing that it meant 'quick'. I also knew 
that in
Hawaiian words were doubled for emphasis. That is, I knew that
'wiki wiki' meant 'very quick'".
'Wiki' means 'quick' in the Hawaiin language.
'Wiki-wiki' means 'very quick' in the Hawaiin language.
You could remember it via the riming 'wik' => 'quick'.
A Wiki is among the services aimed at tapping the collective
It is based on the premise that usually humans as a group can do a
better job at finding information than machines or any single person
A 'Wiki' is a web site you can help build yourself.
The idea is that a potentially very large group of people possibly
working together on Internet pages should be able to build them
You can for example build together on an online content management
'wiki' database like e.g.
People are principally and genetically forced to work
together, e.g. collaboration gives very often positive feedback
feelings and responses.
You see thus the central thing here, 'collaboration'.
You see this theme 'collaboration' more and more appearing as one of
the driving forces on the Internet (according to the latest
reports it already attracts half of all Internet users).
You could call (parts of) the Internet thus a special case of
collaborative computing.
Tim O'Reilly (from O'Reilly publishers) coined the term 'Web 2.0'.
E.g. Google is currently also heavily investing in this Web 2.0
phenomenon, e.g. by buying a lot of Web 2.0 startups.
Special cases of this collaboration computing are open source
computing, friends networks, lists, wiki databases, content management,
blogs, mulimedia sharing (photo, video, ...) ...
Many people in the whole world are more and more working together to
get things done in areas of common interest, with the Internet
as instantaneous intermediary.
Everybody could in principle be a collaborator or a writer.
Together you usually know more.
The rewards of joining in this collaboration you get as an individual
could be philanthropic, altruistic, desire to volunteer, desire to
cooperate, reputation building, financial, or other.
Internet: see also:
Ward Cunningham
To facilitate the discovery and documentation of software patterns, he 
invented the world's first wiki, a web-based collaborative writing 
tool. Most recently, Cunningham is credited with being the primary 
inspiration behind many of the techniques of Extreme Programming.
About the meaning of the word 'Wiki'
What Is Wiki?