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How can I automatically create a thumbnail after uploading a picture to my webspace?

Dec 15th, 2002 19:17
Owen Michael, Mark Holt, Peter Mehr,

The simple way is to specify a WIDTH and HEIGHT on the IMG tag which 
should scale the image on most browsers.  I believe that this will 
still cause the image to be completely loaded (if the image is 405K 
then it will still take much longer than if the image was a true 
thumbnail) so this is probably not what you're looking for.
The other way is to create thumbnails using a tool such as Image 
Alchemy (http://www.handmadesw.com) that supports around 90 image 
formats and can auto-convert a folder full of images into other-size 
images (ex: thumbnails).  It is a commercial (costs $) product.
Another tool that should work (and is free for non-commercial use) is 
IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com).  It has command line parameters 
that also that allow resizing of images.
If you have ASPUpload installed on your server, try this 'on-the-fly' 

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