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How do you locate a solid host offering dedicated IP, php, mysql, ssi, at $25.00 a month or less, I can only seem to find bad ones or expensive ones.

Mar 19th, 2008 04:45
Taksh Verdhan, Deepak Sharma, Knud van Eeden, Designer Mike, Hossam Hossny, Anthony Boyd, christian metzler, Paul Kenneth Egell-Johnsen, Jason Ross, am r3,

this site faqts.com also seems to provide PHP hosting service. 
Hopefully, their service is fine too.
Hossam Hossny wrote:
I recommend http://www.globalweb.com.ru/
They are free but requires a $20 registration fee to prevent multiple 
registrations. They offer 150 MB web space, 1 GB monthly transfer, 
PHP/mySQL, cgi/perl, domain hosting, unlimited pop3 emails. 
Jason Ross replies:
I heartily recommend Linux Web Host at http://www.linuxwebhost.com
For $8.00 a month you can get 50 megs of web space, 50 pop3 emails, a
php driven MySQL database, ssh access, REAL cgi-bin, pgp encryption,
all hosted on a linux server, _and_ they are on the Global Center
backbone (the same host used by redhat.com, mp3.com, yahoo.com, etc...)
Paul Kenneth Egell-Johnsen replies:
You can also take a look at the sources I have added for lists of hosts
using php and stuff. I myself would recommend Pair (http://pair.com).
I am not exactly sure of what you search for costs, since they have
different pricing for different solutions. Their webmaster account
(which I use) costs USD 28,- a month.
Their service is excellent, and I have never had to complain. Those
webmasters I know which uses Pair has also given high praises of them,
which convinced me when I selected Pair.
Christian Metzler replies:
I use http://www.jumpline.com. Their standard plan is USD 15/month
including mysql, php, ftp, etc. Service responses have always been
very quick.
Knud van Eeden replies:
Meta search engine for providers:
(click e.g. on the link 'Power search', and
select the operating system, price, ..., which
your provider should offer):
Meta search engine for providers:
Meta search engine for providers:
Meta search engine for providers:
Provider list:
See also:
$7.77 per month
http://www.7host.com (Windows based)
$3.50 per month
$5 per month
You get here:
500 MB Disk Space
10 GB Transfer
60+ Featured Control Panel |demo|
Web-Mail access
Unix Shell Account (SSH)
Instant Account Activation
Daily Backups
24/7 Help Desk |click here|
Live Online Support
24/7 Email Support
Online FAQ/Tutorials
NO Set-up Fee
7-day money back guarantee
NO Hidden Costs
Unlimited POP3 Mail Accounts
Unlimited Email Auto Responders
Unlimited Mail Forwarding
Unlimited Domain Pointing to Main Site
Unlimited Subdomains
10 MySql Databases
MS FrontPage Extensions
Real Audio, Microsoft Netshow Macromedia Shockwave/Flash
Streaming over HTTP
24/7 FTP Server
Apache 1.3.27, PHP4.3.1, MySql 3.23
Python 2.3a2, Perl 5.8.0
OC12 Connection
Redundant Power Backup
24/7 Network Operation Center
24/7 Network Monitoring System
E-mail Catch All
Spam Blocker
Shopping Cart
Agora Cart
Interchange Cart
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Raw Access Logs
Detailed Traffic Information
Web Based Stats
Webalizer, AwStats, Analog
CGI Access
Pre-installed CGI scripts
Server side includes (SSI)
Password protected directories
(HT access)
Free submission to search engines
Anthony Boyd replies:
Rather than a particular host recommendation, I am going to suggest two
Web sites you can use in the future to gauge the well-loved Web
companies at that current time.  Try both of these:
In the case of webhostingtalk.com, you will want to click into
their "Web
Hosting Forum" or "Dedicated Hosting Forum" if you are high-end.  In
case of sitepointforums.com, you should try scrolling down to the "Web
Hosting and Domain Names" forum, and clicking it.  These forums will
allow you to read what other people currently are saying about hosting
companies, good and bad.