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How to enable MySqli extension (for MySQL4.1.11) in PHP5.0.4 (installed as an IIS ISAPI module)?

Sep 4th, 2005 21:31
Darren Kent, zz zhang,

In order to get the MySqli extension to work, you must first have the 
extension_dir path (in php.ini) pointing to the location of the 
php_mysqli.dll file (usually something like c:\php\ext).  Then edit your 
php.ini file and under the "Dynamic Extensions" heading, add the 
following line:
I'm not sure about Apache, but if you are running IIS as your webserver, 
you must stop and start IIS to get this new configuration to take 
effect. To test and see if it is working, make a call to phpinfo() and 
you should see a seperate heading for MySQLi. Under the heading you 
should see the various configuration settings from the "MySQLI" heading 
in your php.ini (there is a seperate heading in php.ini further down 
past the Dynamic Extensions heading with a few options for the MySQLI 
extension that you can configure).  Anyway, I hope this helps.