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Learning: Memory: Brain: Long term / Short term: How does it possibly work? [synaps]

Mar 31st, 2009 10:45
engatoo engatoo, alex martin, sayal khan, Knud van Eeden, Sakir Ali,

--- Knud van Eeden --- 25 January 2005 - 09:06 pm --------------------
Learning: Memory: Brain: Long term / Short term: How does it possibly 
work? [synaps]
Memory is a property of the human mind: the ability to retain 
The current approach to memory is that the nerve system rewires itself
as you receive new information from the world.
This reworking of a pre-existing nervous system is accomplished by
altering the strength of synaptic connections between nerves.
New synaptic connections establish favorite pathways within
the complex wiring in the brain.
These favorite pathways are believed to constitute the memory.
Memory is thus the result of strengthening of connections between
synapses of nerve cells.
Ram<o'>n y Cajal first proposed this direction of thinking.
The idea was further put forward by Donald Hebb, and is called the Hebb
Donald Hebb was the first to introduce the terms short term and long
term memory, and his ideas stimulated the development of neural
When the connection is not permanent its result is short term memory.
When the connection is permanent its result is long term memory.
An important factor for retention of learned information in long term
memory is repetition.
Tom Carew found that spaced repetition converted the memory for
short-term habituation and sensitization to longer-lasting memories.
However, repetition need not be rote repetition (=learning by heart) --
elaborating on learned information, presenting information in a variety
of different ways or through a variety of media, and providing
opportunities for learners to apply and practice new knowledge or
skills can all be effective methods.
The hippocampus, a part of the brain, is where this transition of short
term memory to long term memory mostly takes place.
This transition takes place down to the molecular level, involving e.g.
protein molecules.
The possible creation of long term memory is amongst others controlled
by this existence of the temporary connection between the synapses
(thus the short term memory).
Which might trigger in turn via messengers the DNA in the nerve cell 
Which in turn generates RNA.
Which in turn generates certain proteins.
Which are then in turn transported to the 'arms', the synapses, where
they further strengthen the connection, so creating the long term
Book: see also:
[book: Hebb, Donald - The Organization of behavior - 1949 -
Internet: see also:
Hebbian theory
Making Memories Stick (R. Douglas Fields)
Reading this article it might possibly suggest you could try to do
totally 3 repetitions, with 10 minutes in between, to let the
information be stored more permanently. Of course this is then more
some sort of rule of thumb, which might or might usually not work.
Spaced repetition
Short-Term Memory
Long-Term Memory
Donald Hebb: Biography
Hebbian Learning
Memory: From Mind to Molecules
Does a single neuron react on well known images?
Learning: Links: Overview: Can you give an overview of links?
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