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Do double-byte character sets (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, etc.) work with PHP? When connected to a mySQL server? Will the double-byte be retained? How?
Can't manipulate chinese character using php and oracle8i,the query returend is all '??'

Oct 16th, 2001 17:47
Jc Imbeault, Joshua Ariizumi, li haifeng,

mySQL qill handle japanese just fine. I have a PHP4 script that let 
users enter data using a <FORM>. The data is then sent to mySQL for 
storage. I can then use PHP to retrieve the data and display on the web 
browser. I didn't need to do anything special. Just pass the data to 
Be careful that your web browser supports the particular language you 
want. In my case Netscape won't display things properly unles I set the 
character set to Japanese.
PS When I view the mySQL data using the mySQL command line interface 
though all I see is garbage because my linux machine can't display 
japanese characters. But eventhou it looks like garbage it isn't and 
displays properly on a web browser.