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if i submit a form my system is displaying the ASP code insted of running

Nov 2nd, 2005 08:42
Jason Benson, sadath khan,

Ensure that your Server is able to process VB and ASP properly and that 
your page is named ".asp"
The most common configuration is using IIS 3+ which natively can handle 
ASP / VB.  If you are using Apache or another non MS server check to 
ensure that you have the correct software installed to handle ASP pages 
and that you have supplied the server with the correct MIME type to 
handle ASP pages.
In Apache you would want Apache::ASP installed as a module in your 
server and would want to add the .asp mime type in your httpd.conf
If all these things are correct, then you would want to check whether 
you are opening and closing the server side "code" tags properly.
<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" 'can only be used once on a page %>
<% 'opening ASP tag 
'Your Content
'Closing ASP Tag %>
if your application does not open or close it's tags properly or if you 
have text information not formatted properly you may display some of 
the VB code and not execute it.
Hope that helps

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