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How do I tell what com components are installed on my server?
How can I tell what com components are on a remote server?

Jun 16th, 2000 06:28
unknown unknown, Jacob Sulzbach

You would use the registry editor.  Go to the Windows directory and 
start the "Regedit" application.  Once it is up go to the following 
You will find hundreds, so be ready.  If you are looking for a 
particular component, go to the "Find" option under the "Edit" menu and 
type in a search value, such as a ProgramID or ProjectName or even a 
ClassID if you have it.  The search will return included strings by the 
For a remote server:
The syntax for the CreateObject method of the Server Object is:
Set objVariableName = Server.CreateObject("ProgID")
Now "ProgID" can be in several formats.  Here are a couple:
If you know how to create the instance of a component you should - this 
is only a guess - be able to do something like the following to check to 
see if the component instance was created successfully:
On Error Resume Next
Dim objTest
Set objTest = Server.CreateObject("Vendor.Component") ' insert 
appropriately here
If err.number <> 0 Then
  Response.Write "Component creation failed." & "<BR>"
  Response.Write "Component creation succeeded." & "<BR>"
End If

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