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please tell me how to let a html document read content from a .txt file, spit this out in a table, and how to update the specific file with a form

Mar 15th, 2008 21:16
dman, ha mo, Articles Hosting, Cinley Rodick, Antonio Galea, bas debie, http://www.ttnr.org

To read a file into an array, use the 'file' function:
then you iterate over $lines to collect what you need and build the
An example:
--- file.txt ---
--- line_numbers.php ---
echo "<PRE>\n";
 echo "$i: ".$lines[$i];
echo "</PRE>\n";
To write to a file, you need the following syntax:
$fp=fopen('_filename_',"w"); //the open mode could be different
                             //remember to check $fp
$s=fwrite($fp,"a string here"); //check $s
$s=fclose($fp); //check $s
Have a look also at flock() for implementing file locking.
use php then rewrite it to .html