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How do I properly maintain my computer?
How can I increase the life of my computer system?
Computer hardware maintenance, what should I do?
How should I properly maintain my PC hardware?

Jun 11th, 2009 08:33
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Best information for Intel Computers
Intel has become intensely popular that it has been commonly mistaken 
as a PC brand.  Generally, when people say Intel computers, what they 
really are referring to are Intel-branded computers.  For several years 
or even decades now, since Intel has been launched on the market, when 
people think of Intel they mistakenly imagine a computer brand.  So 
what does Intel computer really mean?  Has anyone actually seen an 
Intel-branded computer?  For sure, nobody has seen one yet.  What most 
individuals actually see is a sticker outside CPUs that says “Intel 
Inside.”  What do the sticker sign really mean?
The Famous “Intel Inside” Sticker
Ever since the advent of personal computers, the Intel micro-processor 
has been used on almost all known computer brands on the market.  
Naturally, since the name Intel is seen in almost any computer, the 
phrase ‘Intel computers’ stuck in a mind of computer and non-computer 
users alike.
This is especially true when a couple of years ago, Intel launched a 
product called Centrino.  Everybody, especially all the tech personal 
out there, were all excited over this new product.  But for the non-
technology savvy and non-computer users, it was common misconception 
that Centrino was a tag name of a laptop.  Centrino to them was a 
notebook that was super fast, super-reliable and had super-sleek 
design. But much to their disappointment, Centrino is not at all a 
computer or a notebook.  Centrino is the Intel processor that runs 
inside the notebook or computer.
What’s Really Inside?
So basically, the real product of Intel is not the whole computer set 
itself.  There is no such thing as Intel computers as popularly 
misinterpreted by most consumers. The real product of Intel is the 
microprocessor that runs “inside” the computer.
The misconception is also understandable since the processor is 
considered the brains of the computer.  The performance of the computer 
generally comes down to the performance of its processor, thus the 
analogy: computer-processor-Intel.  Therefore, there really is no 
surprise to this misconception and people don’t even seem to mind 
correcting it.  Even Intel doesn’t mind; they greatly benefit from this 
misconception.  New computer users would naturally want nothing more 
than to have an Intel computer.
What really fortified the popular belief about Intel computers as a 
computer brand is the amount of recognition that Intel has earned 
throughout the years as the leading microprocessor manufacturer.  Their 
recognition and popularity is basically backed by its high-end 
performance.  Current Intel processors run at an impressively clock 
speed of equal to or more than 3.0 GHz.  Intel processors are also the 
best in power and energy efficiency, keeping noise level down and heat 
production/control.  Moreover, the promotion and marketing strategy of 
Intel may have also contributed to the popular misconception.
What this all really means is that at this period of the Information 
Age, Intel so far is the most valued processor in the market.  They are 
not the only processors in the market and may not have always been the 
market leader particularly considering the performance of its rival AMD 
Athlon.  Yes, there have been several times when the rival has been 
able to launch a product that outperformed Intel’s, but, Intel has 
always managed to climb back.  Therefore, due to the integrity, 
reliability and effectiveness of its main product – the processor – 
Intel has earned a brand name synonymous with everything that is 
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