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Can I use E-Zines for affiliate marketing?

Jun 16th, 2008 17:50
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An e-zine is a newsletter sent to subscribers.  It is a coined term 
for magazine which is published in the Internet.  The core subject or 
theme of the newsletters can be anything.  And when a newsletter has 
been around long enough within cyberspace, the number of subscribers 
of the newsletter will reach a point that it represents a considerable 
percentage of the global market.
And when the number of subscribers is large enough, the publisher of 
the e-zine will be selling space in it to online businessmen and to 
affiliates.  Such is the beginning of the publisher’s e-zine 
advertising. To acquire the maximum benefits of e-zine advertising, 
here are some tips that an affiliate may keep in mind.
The placement of the e-zine ad is important.  The top sponsor ads are 
better than ads placed in the middle of the newsletter article.  An ad 
placed right in the middle will most likely be skipped by the reader.  
While the ad placed at the top will surely be read first.  The top ads 
are, of course, more expensive than the middle ads.  But what good 
will a middle ad do when it cannot even get one visitor?  Next to top 
ads, the bottom ads are effective.  When the article of the newsletter 
is engaging, the reader will reach the end and find the bottom ad.  
Since the recipient is through reading, he is more inclined to click 
on the link of the bottom ad.
A targeted niche is better than a generalized approach.  To have an e-
zine ad that targets a specific audience, the affiliate must find out 
from the newsletter’s publisher the topics of the next issues.  Once 
the next issue is known, for example “vintage cars”, the affiliate can 
choose among his products which is most related to the issue, for 
example, “car parts”.  An e-zine ad about another topic, such 
as “computer software” will be ignored by the reader.
By using the above e-zine advertising tips, the affiliate can avoid 
spending for advertisements that are ineffective.  And he can focus on 
ads that will easily translate to sales.
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