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Where are apartments in budapest?
How can I find accomodation in hungary?
Is there a luxury suite in Budapest?
Budapest Travel Guide
Emergency phone numbers in Hungary
Budapest concierge service

Sep 23rd, 2008 16:52
Raj Aryan, Vincent DeVille, Joshua McGinnis, http://www.budapestapartment.us

Budapest Apartments, specifically The Hollywood Suite of Budapest, 
combines the luxurious amenities of a world class hotel, the style and 
sophistication of a Hollywood penthouse, and the old world charm of the 
city of Budapest – all at a price you can afford. Our Budapest 
apartment is the best value you’ll find in a vacation rental in Hungary.
Located in the posh Buda district, our Budapest Apartment is in a 
central location ideal for travelers and tourists headed all over the 
city. For vacation travel, you can’t find a better location for 
accommodations in Budapest.
Our Budapest apartment is located in the trendy Buda district of 
Hungary. Our accommodation is
in a central location, making it an ideal starting point for a broad 
range of destinations and
a convenient access point for the city's public transportation.
A bus stop in front of the apartment transports you to the heart of the 
city in under five minutes.
A five minute walk will take you to trams, subway, and taxi stations. A 
modern shopping mall (MOM Park)
is less than a block away, and is huge enough to give you a Hollywood 
shopping experience like the
Hollywood living experience you'll have at this Budapest apartment.
Our Budapest apartment is 1500 sq ft, with three main rooms, each 
privately themed in the image of
Hollywood glamour – The Red Lounge is the living room and lounging area 
and The Green and
Yellow Rooms are the bedrooms.
Our Budapest Apartment also features a fully functioning kitchen, and 
dining room, which seats six.
So much more than you'd expect from an apartment for rent- it's more 
like a home for rent!
There is also a sleek new bathroom, restroom, storage areas, 
renaissance themed hallway
– and every modern convenience you need – cable TV, wireless internet, 
temperature control.
This apartment can truly be your holiday home!
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