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I would like to create a user authentication system, but when they log in, how would i make it personalized.
Can you tell me why I always get ?PHPSESSID=fc912e31cae17760fd97ce9f4684ae18 attached to all my link

Mar 15th, 2008 21:18
dman, ha mo, Tim Stumbaugh, Articles Way, Cinley Rodick, urge overkill, Matt Gregory, Martin Tuncaydin, alan damico, http://www.ttnr.org

There are many ways to accomplish what you want to do.
The simplest is to lookup preferences based on the username submitted 
at login.
Some more complicated solutions include building a preference database 
keyed by user id which can then be stored on the users' machines in a 
cookie (Provided that cookies are allowed on their machine.)
The general idea is to save a group of preferences for a user based on 
name or ID somewhere on the server and then load those user prefs when 
the suer logs in.
you can also think of using session management to 
user and then personalize the page
Regarding the PHPSESSID being attached to every link. In your php
configuration file, the session.use_trans_sid directive is enabled. Set
this line to 0 (instead of 1) to remove the sid from the link