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How is the future in taking up a career in Hardware & Networking field.

Nov 15th, 2008 08:44
vijay y, Taksh Verdhan, Marc Twin, Peter Jonsson, David Sill, John Mathu, Deepak Sharma, Santosh Mahapatro,

It broadly depends upon which part of the world you're at. But finally,
if the number of computers are increasing and the nature of networks are
becoming increasingly complex, the future is definitely promising. Just
remember to do it from the right branch of the right institute and do
not forget to collect as many certificates as possible. Most of them can
be acquired online.
The key is to land up at some big corporate as early as possible in your
career. Do not get stuck in assembling computers for small time company.
That's how you'll kill your prospects.
It is not necessarily a big corporate company. There are several small
companies doing excellent work in the field of networking. It is
important to pursue a career rather than looking for a big company.