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In Nortel Networks Periphonics, what happens when we place a System block which displays an Operator message in a Live environment which consumes around 2 million calls per day?

Mar 9th, 2008 10:35
vijay y, Joseph Martin, Ganesan Kan, http://www.onlinebingoreviewdirectory.com http://www.skillgameschief.com http://www.skillgamesportal.com

As part of implementing a Voice based project for Denken Morgen 
Systems we msitakenly placed a System 
block with an Operator message which displays the Value of the ANI 
number. When this value is displayed in the test environment, it 
didn't give any problem. But the same sourcem when it is Live, the 
memory of the Sun Solaris went immediately down.
The display operator was also placed at the end of the Phone call when 
it says "Thank you for Calling, Goodbye". 
It was not able to allocate the resource after the call was handled to 
the Driver application. After we removed the System blcok, the 
application behaved normally. Hope this might be helpful for the 
people in Telecom domain.