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How to change browser settings

Apr 8th, 2008 19:26
ha mo, Abolfazl Shirazi, Babu Chellathurai,

Abolfazl Shirazi:
You can change some of the browser settings and preferences although 
changing some of the otherones are immposibble.
For example there is an item in IE6 browser settings which allow you 
to enable or disable ImageToolbar in viewing images on the web. Well, 
you can easily change this setting in your page by adding Meta tag 
below in your page head section:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="ImageToolbar" CONTENT="Yes/No">
Or for example you can control the browser action when a script error 
occurs in the page with onerror event which is one of the browser 
settings in IE6.
But there is some another settings which you can't change them with 
Javascript Such as some Security options of your browser.
It seems that those settings which are related to Page Viewing is 
changeable with Javascript.
Remember that being possible to change a setting depends on that 
setting. It can be changeable or not.
Have Fun!!!